Self-healing is my mission! I’m a conscious creator, writer, singer, dancer, and a psychic medium. Inspiring you to remember your power.

It might be because the elixir of creativity is made up of sugar, spice and an absence of nice.

1. You fear the answers you’ll find in your heart.

In solitude we hear what we’ve been avoiding. Silence becomes too loud to bear. So we distract ourselves with “more important” tasks; cleaning the house, emails, social media. We bury the…

It’s not that you’re “just anxious.” It’s that you don’t know where your anxiety is coming from. Journaling can change that.

Today I started getting anxiety about my life. I started thinking about where I’m at and if I’m moving fast enough for the enormous goals I want to complete.

Stop Trying to Fit into a Box

It all starts with self-awareness. Who are you? What is your brand?

Well the short answer is: YOU

YOU are the brand.

This means anything you’re interested in and willing to share with the world will help you build your brand.

If you keep trying to fit yourself into a…

“With great power comes great responsibility” — Peter Parker

Before I knew about the New Age I didn’t believe in God.

I started using crystals, meditating, channeling, and things got dangerous.

I was on a quest to awaken!

But I didn’t realize the spiritual path could lead to so much…

“Your intuition knows what to write so get out of the way” -Ray Bradbury

When you’re feeling depressed, anxious or longing for answers to clear that active mind of yours, automatic writing can really help.

We all have access to a higher version of ourselves; one with all the answers…

The parts of yourself you’re hiding are weakening your ability to move forward and step into your power

“We live in a culture that loves exposing other people’s darkness, loves ridiculing it, and bringing you down because of it. You know how you don’t get brought down? You expose yourself first.” -Alyssa Trahan / Embracing Glory

Why does Eminem win the final rap battle in the movie 8…


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